Research Center for Emerging Infections and Zoonoses


The RIZ is a state of the art ‘one health’ research center embedded in the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover. The world leading scientist in virology Prof. A.D.M.E. Osterhaus, PhD, DVM is the director of RIZ.

The unique concept of RIZ makes it possible to provide access to the best scientists in their field on short notice in order to do research on Emerging Infections and Zoonosis. In close collaboration with Prof. Osterhaus all relevant scientific disciplines will have to go across boundaries and work together in one institute to develop ‘One Health’ to a higher platform.

Prof. A.D.M.E. Osterhaus PhD, DVM

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At RIZ our priority is to make high impact advances in science. To achieve that we believe that all stakeholders in the scientific field should collaborate. Therefore the facilities of RIZ are open for collaboration with partners from scientific and academic institutes and industry.

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